Wealth Secur Lawyers new practice area: PERSONALITY RIGHTS

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As part of its services on protecting personal wealth, the firm counts with expert Lawyer on personality rights, Dr. Juan José García Ferrer. http://wsecur.com/practice-areas/personality-rights/


Personality Rights and Reputation Damage

Wealth protection wouldn´t be fulfiled without protecting reputation both in legal or private persons. To prevent reputational damage with origin on own activity is necessary to prevent risks and breaches and protect copany image by keeping delicate information confidential.

We defend companies from damages caused by non authoiried disclosure of self image, brand, information or publicity rights , and from damages on honor, privacy and self image of directors and employees.

Today, political parties , trade unions, entrepeneural associations and those who represent their public image need high protection and prevention levels. A new specialization is required cause the need to ponderate general interest upon other legal assets, social sensibility against corruption and bad management practises on strategic sectors, organisations inside knowledge, media functioning, social networks and acting trends on the known as dialectics among government-oposition. Regular law firms and communication consultants that are focused on specific or generalistic aspects, could not provide integral solutions for emerging needs.

We take care of legal protection and legal Defense of honor, dignity, reputation, privacy, self-determination and image. We work trough managing civil liability on invasion of personality interests, monitoring the reputations of corporations, public figures, and brands, personality right licensing agreements, exercising the right of correction in both conventional and digital media.

Find out more at http://www.wsecur.com or write our expert lawyer Dr. Juan José Garcia Ferrer at jjgf@wsecur.com



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