Wealth Secur, accredited by Euronext to provide listing sponsoring services

10/25/2018 – MADRID. Wealth Secur, a legal-financial firm founded in 1996, (www.wsecur.com), has been accredited as a listing sponsor by Euronext to offer such services to companies willing to be listed in that market. EURONEXT is the European alternative stock market that groups the Paris, Brussels and Lisbon stock exchanges. (www.euronext.com).

Obtaining liquidity is currently an essential priority to guarantee business growth. Small and medium cap companies can find new mechanisms in the Euronext market to obtain liquidity and ensure its growth. In this context Wealth Secur has been accredited by Euronext to provide Listing Sponsor services. The accreditation obtained by Wealth Secur empowers him to be the main advisor of companies in his listing process on the Euronext markets as well as to be the main contact with this market in their life as a listed companies.

José Mª Alcañiz March, CEO of Wealth Secur, commented: “We are very proud to have been accredited as listing sponsor by Euronext, to offer our services to Spanish companies willing to be listed soon in that European market. Our team has a long experience on capital markets, in all regulatory and operational aspects. This accreditation demonstrates the consideration of the quality of our services by Euronext. ”

Companies willing to be listed on Euronext can benefit from Wealth Secur experience and the advantages of being present in that European market. The main objective of Wealth Secur as a listing sponsor is to guide companies in their Euronext listing process, joining them in consolidating their presence on this markets, improve their liquidity and ultimately support their growth.

Get to know Wealth Secur’s services as listing sponsor of Euronext in:

Wealth Secur Euronext Listing Sponsor 2018 ENG


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